How to play:

You control a little square and you have to avoid the circles that are coming at you. Using the keys A and D you can jump from a line to another. 

The yellow stars are your friends. Pick them up to gain some speed and a shield. While this boost is active you can smash the circles. But be careful! This boost wont last for long and when it's gone you'll have to avoid the circles again.

You get 0.1 points for switching the line, 0.3 points for picking the PowerUp and 1 point for smashing a circle.

Update 1: I added the 'Fun Mode'. Not gonna say much about this one. I'll let you find out for yourselves.

Known Bug: If you hit a PowerUp (Star) right at the moment when the previous PowerUp has ended, the PowerUp will not be reactivated.

Words from the developer:

Hi! I'm Emil. I'm a young and novice game developer. This is the first game I published online and I really hope you'll enjoy it. Also, feel free to give any kind of feedback and I'll make sure to update the game if there is something I missed.

Google Play:

The game is also available in Google Play, now in a more polished version and, unfortunately without the "Fun mode" because the game contains ads.

Made withUnity
Tags2D, Black and White, Endless

Also available on

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Love the minimalist art and the amazing music. Switching between lines as fast as possible is really fun, you did a good job of identifying that and setting up the scoring around it. Really really solid first game, giving you a follow.

P.S. My high score was 479

Hey, thank you very much! Really appreciate you enjoyed it!